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As a key player in the business landscape, the Bloemfontein / Mangaung Chamber of Commerce and Industry truly believes that we are where opportunities unite.


  MCCI Lobbies on critical issues affecting business, with government, on behalf of business.
  Members are invited to share, participate and comment as “The Voice of Business” in critical issues affecting business Local and National level
  There is a specific team selected from the council - which can include MCCI members - to tackle the issues with different tiers of government
  Connect MCCI members to relevant Government Departments


  Regular networking opportunities are available at all the events hosted by the MCCI, including the opportunity for members to distribute promotional and marketing material.
  Members can contact the MCCI to distribute information at functions they arrange that can benefit other members
  Forum meetings and events are held for businesses (also in the broader Mangaung area) to share information on current and local affairs in the areas where they conduct their businesses.


  All new members are introduced to the existing membership through the distribution of its business offerings and profile that are sent out by email, newsletter or on the website.
  Existing members can send information to MCCI, for sharing with other members via email and linkages via the website. The Chamber creates awareness of members’ businesses and services locally, nationally as well as into Africa the rest of the world (through their Investment Promotion Agencies).


  Business Linkage events
This is the first level event where every member attending gets an opportunity to introduce their businesses. It is an informal event with an attendance of about 40 people. To sponsor such an event, the company only needs to provide a venue (Preferably at the company) and can offer tea/coffee/refreshments (which is optional). After the function the attendees can be taken on a tour of the business. The company hosting the Business Linkage will have more time to introduce its business.

  Business Breakfasts / Brunches / Luncheons and Cocktails
Businesses sponsor either a Business Breakfast/Brunches, etc. (with full breakfasts, luncheons. etc. or just refreshments)  The company or corporate sponsoring the event, has the floor for the duration of the event and can have more speakers and/or demonstrations. There are  innovative additions to this type of event at no extra costs. Please contact the office of MCCI for more information.

  Innovative events with music, small choirs, multiple instruments, etc. Examples of other innovative additions to these events are fashion parades and exposure of individuals/companies to attendees.

  Exhibitions in the foyers of the venues.


  Training for Co-Operatives & SMME’s covering various categories, is conducted on a regular basis
  Companies can contact the MCCI if they want to conduct a training session in which ever field they are. This will give the company a networking boost as well.
  Training by National Organisations on multiple issues


  MCCI is a member chamber of South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI). SACCI offers incentives to all member chambers. For more information, contact the office of the MCCI.
  MCCI is a strategic vehicle for the participation of member businesses in social responsibility programmes
  To give practical credibility to the term “local economic development” – applicable not only to Mangaung, but other areas in the Free State as well


  MCCI considers community members to be experts in their lives and communities, and values community knowledge and wisdom. Support projects and programmes are built around this.
  MCCI supports community members to identify and take collective action on issues which are important to them. This empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities.
  Rural community development is built on the five capitals of a community – physical, financial, human, social and environmental. MCCI and existing members can support the up skilling of communities, the building of human, physical and financial capital.
  MCCI will utilize its resources to help the communities improve their environment.


MCCI believes that the farming community, especially the start-up and small farmers, of the region and the province should also have a voice through the Chamber of Commerce taking into consideration the contribution of the sector to the GDP of the province. A strategic plan on incorporating those areas and new sector into the MCCI, is currently one of the main goals for 2018. All benefits & services offered to the Bloemfontein / Mangaung branch will be extended to the new areas to unite not only the Metro, but also the Free State and Qwa-Qwa in the near future.



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